Who Are We?

FinPub Solutions is the ultimate problem solving team of experienced financial industry marketers, copy and content writers, programmers, graphic artists, video editors, SEO specialists, and PR experts.

What makes FinPub special? There are few people on the planet with an understanding of financial marketing more than the founders of FinPub, who have managed billions of emails (yes billions), acquired millions of leads and buyers, and built hundreds of financial websites.

Our writers are not just good at putting pen to paper, but they actually trade and understand the markets. Our design team has been pumping out creative design, landing pages and offers within this space for years. In fact, that’s one of our differentiators…we understand your business, your products and your goals, and we know just how to get you there.

We also understand how to achieve results quickly, with project turnaround times that need to be seen to be believed! Our teams know that hitting our deadlines isn’t a goal – it’s a mandate.

The best part is we price our services below market average meaning you get premium quality work, done quickly, for less than our competition.

Meet our Partners and Management Team


James Mound


A former market analyst, professional trader and future brokerage owner, James is the founder of Futures Press, Sir Isaac Publishing and Financial Media Corp. James built a network responsible for pioneering performance-based email marketing in the financial industry. His media and publishing companies are synonymous with delivering results, outside the box ideas that work, and making clients money.


Morgan Busby


Morgan has created some of the largest individual investor ecosystems online today. As CEO of Media Pub, he has built the largest performance email marketing network in finance. His universe of over 6 million individual investors and traders across dozens of publishing brands – form the backbone of marketing efforts for many companies trying to reach retail investors today. His creative deal making has also launched some of the fastest growing brands in financial publishing.

Ben Cherix


Ben is a dynamic CEO who thrives on making things happen. He’s a respected leader who inspires his team to achieve their goals and reach new heights. With a keen eye for detail and a talent for bringing people together, Ben has built a reputation as a master problem-solver and strategic thinker.
While he’s always focused on driving the success of the company, Ben also has a passion for personal growth and learning new skills. He encourages his team to do the same, often leading by example as he explores new areas of expertise. With a commitment to personal growth and a deep respect for his team, Ben is a true leader who’s dedicated to creating a thriving workplace culture.

Filippo Provenzale

Finance & Project Manager

Filippo is a multifaceted professional and a true all-rounder in the company. He seamlessly manages the crucial roles of both finance and project management. His sharp attention to detail and innate problem-solving abilities make him the go-to person for critical tasks, often jumping in to save the day.
Filippo’s motto, “Always think twice, and the wise choice is my choice,” perfectly encapsulates his meticulous and thoughtful approach to work. He approaches every project with a strategic mindset, evaluating potential risks and opportunities to make informed decisions that lead to successful outcomes.
With his extensive experience, versatile skill set and his passion for excellence and unwavering commitment to delivering results make him a valuable asset to the team


John Todora

Partner | Director of Business Development

John has owned, operated and created several multi-million dollar brands using digital marketing as a key component in his success. His ability to develop and create businesses has made him a sought after consultant in businesses across the world and his appearances in national media have given him instant credibility across industries.


Lovely Glorioso

Director of Operations

Lovely has a BA in management and runs the teams at FinPub with an iron fist and a soft heart. She is a skilled graphic designer in her own right and has studied SEO, but the most impressive thing about our team leader is that she is fluent and can read and write in English, Arabic and Tagalog.

Nic Diaz

Multimedia Manager

Nic has a degree in AB Multimedia Arts. He is the team’s jack of all trades. Whether it’s video editing, graphic design, web design, he can do it all. He has a keen eye for detail and is well-trusted by the Multimedia Team. If we want something beautifully designed and well thought out, we trust him to create ideas that generate eye-catching results and “sticky” content that drive sales.

Charlie Macaraeg

Senior Web Developer

Meet Charlie, a seasoned senior web developer with a passion for building beautiful and functional websites. With years of experience under his belt, he has a deep understanding of the ins and outs of web development and a keen eye for detail. When he’s not coding away, Charlie likes to unwind by strumming his guitar or playing a strategic game of chess. He’s also an avid driver and loves nothing more than hitting the open road and exploring new places. Charlie’s commitment to excellence and his love for creating beautiful digital experiences make him a valuable asset to the team.

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